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Lindsay, V. & Shen, K. 2014, 'Extending definitions on international entrepreneurs: the case of cross-cultural capital', Bokra of Entrepreneurship Research: Perspectives from the Arab Middle East, Academy of Management, pp. 20-35.


This study is motivated by two important research questions in the overlapping fields of entrepreneurship and international entrepreneurship. The first question relates to our lack of knowledge of how entrepreneurial firms evolve to become international, and then sustain international growth (Zettinig & Benson-Rea, 2008; Jones et al 2011). The second, related, point concerns the question of how cultural and cross-cultural studies contribute to the various domains identified within the international entrepreneurship field (Coviello et al, 2011; Jones et al, 2011). We approach these questions by focusing on the role of cross-cultural capital in developing entrepreneurial capital as redefining the venture on the basis of cross-cultural (and international) resource endowment, may provide insights into both questions and extend the boundary of existing understanding of international entrepreneurship. Particularly, in this study, we address the following three research questions: First, how do entrepreneurs develop and draw on their entrepreneurial capital for new venture creation? Second, what is the role of an entrepreneur's cross-cultural capital in this process? Third, given that a domestic entrepreneurial venture can have embedded in it substantial and tangible cross-cultural elements attained from the entrepreneur's experience in a foreign country, and draw value from these elements, at what point, theoretically, does the transition from domestic to international venture take place? And, from a closely related perspective, where does this position the boundary between entrepreneurship and international entrepreneurship?