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C. H. Ritz, G. M. Schiemer, I. S. Burnett, E. Cheng, D. Lock, T. Narushima, S. F. Ingham & D. Wood Conroy, "An anechoic configurable hemispheric environment for spatialised sound," in Australasian Computer Music Conference, 2008, pp. 65-68.


This paper reports on the recently completed and significant upgrade of the University of Wollongong’s Configurable Hemispheric Environment for Spatialised Sound (CHESS). The CHESS studio, which housed a 16 speaker hemisphere for creating spatial sound, has been converted into an anechoic chamber and a new 3D speaker system has been designed. The recent work is a continuation of a successful crossdisciplinary research activity between the Faculty of Informatics and the Faculty of Creative Arts. Also reported are new research initiatives that will be taking place in the facility.

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