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Conroy, D. W. & Atkinson, J. (2004). Roman Wall Paintings in the Pafos Theatre. Report of the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus 2003, 2004, 275-300.


The fragments of painted plaster were first found in the 1996 and 1997 Pafos Theatre seasons in trenches lR and 1J on the south side of Wall 108 (the analemma), where the parodos provides an entrance to the orchestra on the western side of the theatre. Encrusted plaster with faint indications of colour and pattern still adhered to Wall 108. Other coarser fragments of red on cream were found in 1999 in the IR-IJ extension to the west. The extensive excavation of the western parodos area in 2001 (Trench IFF) revealed many more painted plaster fragments, some on curved sandstone blocks that had formed a vaulted ceiling, and some loose in the stone tumble that seemed to have fallen from the south against the face of the painted Wall 108. It is not certain if the parodos was covered to its full length by the barrel vault.