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Suiter, W. "Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartet F-Major: Introduction." Repertoire Explorer Study Score 997: Ludwig van Beethoven: Streichquartett F-Dur Erste Fassung des Streichquartetts Opus 18 Nr 1.. Ed.P. Dietz. Munich: mph: Musikproduktion Hoeflich, 2010, 1-6.


On 25 June 1799 “Carl Amenda gewidmet” was written on the first version of Beethoven’s String Quartet in F Major. Yet when the revised version was finally published in June 1801 it was dedicated to Prince Josef von Lobkowitz. What clues does this thought provoking change provide about Beethoven and his music? Indeed it points to significant aspects of Beethoven's professional career, his personal life, and his music, which were already taking shape at the age of 29 years.