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David Blackall (writer, producer, director), Can it Hurt Less? [documentary film], 26 minutes, Australian Film Commission, Law Foundation of New South Wales, University of Wollongong and SBS Television, 1992. Copyright Dr. David Blackall, 1992.


Can It Hurt Less? is a 26 minute long documentary film about juvenile justice alternatives to the court system in New South Wales, Australia, through family conferencing. This process can deal with minor offences instead of the other process via the courts which can often lead to criminal records. The film presents case studies and interviews with police and criminologists who are also involved in the family conferencing process. It contains lively sections of animation designed to illustrate difficult legal concepts with the view of making these accessible to younger people - the focus of the film. Further information about the film is available at the Australian Film Commission web site here. A biography of the director Dr. David Blackall is available here.

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