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Suiter, W., Toward algorithmic composition of expression in music using fuzzy logic, Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME 2010), Sydney, Australia, 319-322.


This paper introduces the concept of composing expressive music using the principles of Fuzzy Logic. The paper provides a conceptual model of a musical work which follows compositional decision making processes. Significant features of this Fuzzy Logic framework are its inclusiveness through the consideration of all the many and varied musical details, while also incorporating the imprecision that characterises musical terminology and discourse. A significant attribute of my Fuzzy Logic method is that it traces the trajectory of all musical details, since it is both the individual elements and their combination over time which is significant to the effectiveness of a musical work in achieving its goals. The goal of this work is to find a set of elements and rules, which will ultimately enable the construction of a genralised algorithmic compositional system which can produce expressive music if so desired.

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New Interfaces in Musical expression