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Wray, T., Eklund, E. and Lawson, A. 2010, The Art Collection Ecosystem: Discovering Art using Formal Concept Analysis, Proceedings of the ICCS 2010: "Celebrating 10 years of Advancing Computational Thinking" Computational Science University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 31 - June 2, 2010. Available here: uow.academia.edu/PeterEklund.


We describe an application and case study in the design and evaluation of the Art Collection Ecosystem (ACE) | a Rich Internet Application that supports the ability of users to browse and explore art collections using Formal Concept Analysis. With a view of a system that allows browsing of tagged content, 25 participants conducted a usability study within the context of a popular social media website - Flickr. We describe key design elements within its user interface and incorporate re- visions of its design based on user feedback. We incorporate these results into a framework called CollectionWeb - a set of software, services and processes that allows associative and explorative browsing of any kind of collection content over the Web.

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