A Sort of Wing



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Ballard, S. & Pink, S. (2002). A Sort of Wing. Blue Oyster Gallery, November & December, Dunedin, New Zealand: Blue Oyster Gallery.

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A Sort of Wing is a new collaboration by Susan Ballard and Sarah Pink. The installation will explore the mutation of collaboration, and the way in which the practice of each artist inhabits the not-quite-invisible. In an attempt to find the sort of wing that links their practices, they will push the processes of collaboration further than they have previously. Living in different cities, Ballard and Pink will create texts and images that will explore aspects of enforced distance. The works will be generated through repeated making and re-making, writing and re-writing, but time and space will temper the immediacy of their collaboration. A Sort of Wing will encourage movements across space, situating the viewer as a foreign body. Viewing the installation will be a process of sensory imagination as well as experience. Runs Until 7 December 2002

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Blue Oyster Gallery

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