Miles Ahead: Arts Marketing that Works in Regional Australia



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S. Hodge, J. James & J. A. Lawson (1998). Miles Ahead: Arts Marketing that Works in Regional Australia. Sydney: Australia Council for the Arts.


Making marketing moves involves research, planning, measuring results and adaptation. In recognition of the constantly changing marketing environment, continual information gathering is essential and the planning process needs to be ongoing. Commonsense and commitment - not to mention earnest work - are building blocks for successful marketing. Combining good practice with a cultivated understanding of marketing principles adds value to the planning process, which in turn produces innovative and effective results. But first organisations must define the role of marketing.

Team leader and project manager Su Hodge worked with Judith James and Amanda Lawson over six months, researching, travelling and documenting findings around the country. Liaising closely with AD&A staff and other consultants, they worked towards gathering information. Through contacts with state arts offices, arts councils and peak arts industry organisations, they then planned a series of trips to visit some of the organisations that were considered shining examples of leaders in regional arts marketing.

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