Inferno Wonderland



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A. Golda & M. V. Johnson, Inferno Wonderland 2012, MOP Sydney MOP Projects 25 October to 11 November


Inferno Wonderland is an interdisciplinary collaborative installation constructed by Agnieszka Golda and Martin Johnson that attempts to critique some firmly established systems of knowledge by evoking a cross-cultural mytho-sacral territory, a space situated on the edges of visible and invisible worlds. The mixture of interconnected objects, including paintings, textiles and wooden sculptures is used as a device for negotiating the affective, emotional and sensory dimensions of bodily encounters in intercultural contexts. Agnieszka Golda and Martin Johnson are currently based in Wollongong. Through Inferno Wonderland, both artists draw on their recent field studies in France, Poland and Japan to explore how narratives invested with politics of emotion shape bodies and spaces and how such political practices can be resisted through the immersive, ritualistic and fragmented narrative modes of contemporary installation art. Golda and Johnson have collaborated on a number of projects for over twenty years. Their works have been exhibited nationally and overseas, most recently Last Exile (2011), a large-scale installation at the Wollongong City Gallery was supported by an Australia Council for the Arts New Work Established grant.

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