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Schiemer, G., Alves, B., Taylor, S. & Havryliv, M. "Pocket Gamelan: Developing the instrumentarium for an extended harmonic universe." ICMC 2003 Boundaryless Music: Proceedings of the 2003 International Computer Music Conference. Ed. B. Tan. California: USA: National University of Singapore and The International Computer Music Association, 2003. 329-332.


This paper describes a 3-year project that seeks to explore tuning systems and to develop instruments appropriate for the audition and performance of music composed in just intonation tunings. The project is a response to the transformation in computer music that has been enabled through the introduction of wireless technologies and is also motivated by a desire to enable performance by large numbers of non-expert performers playing music based on just intonation using hand-held or wearable instruments. Possible scenarios together with musical algorithms are presented and illustrated with examples from creative works written to clarify the parameters of musical instrument design.

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