Virtual affection: bodies and installation spaces



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Ballard, S. "Virtual affection: bodies and installation spaces." The Reinvention of Everyday Life: Culture in the Twenty-first Century. Ed.A. Lam & H. McNaughton. Christchurch: Canterbury University Press, 2006, 114-122.


Discourses of the digital and their central concerns with issues such as duration, sensation, interactivity, immersion and affect offer new positions from which to view and articulate contemporary installation art. The digital as used here refers broadly to installations that have passed through a digital environment (such as an editing suite or a computer), or are simply informed by digital presence. Digital installation involves many aspects, including - but not limited to - space, light, time, viewer, projection, apparatus, objects and shadows, and as such is a machine operating across different thresholds. Like Alice's experiences in Wonderland, or Dorothy in Oz, in digital installation the body changes scale as it interacts with different objects, sounds and spaces.

This volume traces twenty fields of cultural change that became prominent in the late twentieth century, from email to installation art, from the new museology to leisure style, from media fashion to cyberpunk.

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