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Redgate, J. (2008). Artwork exhibited in the 30th Anniversary Exhibition. 4 December 2008 to 15 March 2009, Wollongong: Wollongong City Gallery.


Jacky Redgate teaches in the Faculty of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong. Originally from Adelaide, she has been exhibiting since 1979, working across photography and sculpture. Redgate is fascinated with how spaces operate. This work is a detail from her recent solo exhibition 'Visions From Her Bed' at the IMA Brisbane. Enlarged family portrait photographs from the late nineteenth century are juxtaposed with solids/sculptures. Strangely tense works, there is no priority given to the orientation of the portrait photographs or the solids creating a distorted depth of field .

30TH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION There have always been artists living and working in the IIlawarra. However it was not until comparatively recent times that there has been an appropriate venue to celebrate and promote their work. In 1951 a group of local people (Gino Sanguineti, Joy Morrison, David Aspden, Bill Peascod, Ron Lambert, Robert and Valerie Parr, Lorraine Holmes, Coralie Barr and Frida Cochrane, amongst many others) formed the IIlawarra Art Society to promote wider interest in the arts and to advocate for the development of a permanent art gallery in the IIlawarra The art society was the driving force behind the establishment of various acquisitive art prizes in the 1950s and 1960s. The winning artworks which once graced Wollongong City Council offices today form an important element of the permanent collection of the Wollongong City Gallery. However it was not until 1976 with the unique gift of the Bob Sredersas art collection to the city and people of Wollongong that a permanent art gallery for the region became a reality.