Still Life | Moving Fragments



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Law, J. & Curham, L.. Still Life | Moving Fragments. Sydney University. 10 August to 8 September. Sydney: Duo Exhibition at Tin Sheds Gallery, 2012.


Explores the tension between stillness and movement, using the quiet intensity of the still life painter’s gaze and the fleeting, unstable properties of the moving image. At first glance, these works present domestic scenes that are nondescript, tediously familiar. This draws upon French writer Georges Perec’s idea of the infra-ordinary – ‘the banal, the quotidian, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary’ – in domestic spaces. The works aim to bring attention to the enigmatic power of these spaces.

Louise Curham and Jo Law work extensively with moving images within the context of the screen, installation, and performance. Their works have been shown widely in Australia as well as internationally. This exhibtion brings the works of these two artists together for the first time.

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