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Redgate, J.. Jacky Redgate - Survey 1980-2003. 10 February to 20 March. Perth, WA: Solo exhibition at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2005.


Startling, sophisticated, elegant and subtle are just some of the terms used to describe the work of Sydney-based, Australian artist, Jacky Redgate. This survey exhibition, initially developed as three shows by the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia will be shown in its entirety for the first time as part of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts' 2005 exhibition program. Redgate's innovative and experimental work operates on a number of different registers and at the intersection of different fields including photography, sculpture, installation and optical art. Engaging with art history and contemporary theory, Redgate's ongoing interest in mathematical systems, logic, taxonomies and spatial relationships is explored through a rich interdisciplinary practice, preoccupied with themes of recollection and transformation. As Ross Gibson has observed, much of Redgate's work is 'a sophisticated 'nervy' meditation on the intricacies of perception, intuition, cognition and communication'. This important survey exhibition includes critically acclaimed works such as her photographic series, Naar het Schilder-Boeck [1985] [trans. From the Book of Painting], a reinterpretation of the medieval proverbs illustrated by Breugel, and her more recent STRAIGHTCUT Series (2001-03) photographs that dissemble ordinary objects into complex compositions through the use of mirrors, altering our perceptions of mere functionality. Jacky Redgate is represented by Sherman Galleries, Sydney and Arc One Gallery, Melbourne. Jacky Redgate - Survey 1980-2003 is an initiative of the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia and is supported by the University of Wollongong.

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