6am in the Universe: Selected Poems by Benjamin Frater



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Wilson, R., Cahill, T., Demuro, E. & Wearne, A. R., eds. 6am in the Universe: Selected Poems by Benjamin Frater. Wollongong: Grand Parade Poets, 2011.


Frater died in 2007 in his late twenties and his book is a young man’s book dominated by manic energy and manic creativity – there is nothing “composed” or even merely “lively” about it. It is poetry that is important to preserve largely because it wrestles so convincingly with questions about what poetry essentially is. Benjamin Frater is an electrifying voice. He is sharp, full of abandon and wit, anxious and carefree, broken and hopeful, intuitive and bold. 6 am in the Universe comes with a DVD of Frater performing in his own distinctive style. It allows us to be surrounded by the sound of the poet and glimpse his presence on stage.

Afterword by Tim Cahill

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