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L. M. Ihlein The Bon Scott Project: A Blogger's Perspective 2008 Catalogue essay for the Fremantle Arts Centre exhibition "Bon Scott Project." Fremantle, WA Fremantle Arts Centre


Ms Stephens says the Bon Scott Project exhibition aims to prove there was more to the diminutive singer than a powerful voice, tight pants, showmanship and sexually suggestive lyrics.

Ms Stephens assigned artists that knew little about the band. "The project is not intended to be sycophantic because those results would tend to be cliched," she said. "I hope it will offer new ideas and perspectives. I wanted to create an exhibition with a wide range of platforms that will interest different people."

Some of the works include personal letters, photographs uncovered from the late Rennie Ellis' collection, Bevan Honey's Apparition installation, which is visible only in certain light, and a blog written by Lucas Ihlein about the cult of Scott.

"I feel that a blog is public art, and I wanted people from all over the world to participate in the project, because Bon has more fans in the northern hemisphere than he does here," Ms Stephens said.