(Wo)man with Mirror



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Ihlein, L. M. & Curham, L.. (Wo)man with Mirror. Artwork exhibited in the "Imprint" exhibition at Artspace Visual Arts Centre. 3 July to 1 August. Sydney: 2009.


Here is link to a documented rehearsal by Lucas Ihlein for "(Wo)man with Mirror" performance at Artspace, Sydney. As part of Imprint exhibition curated by Anneke Jaspers. Vimeo

Imprint brought together works by three artists and one collective to examine the relationship of documentary and archival systems to performative, ephemeral and process-based practices. Through the interplay of performance, action-research, photography, video, installation and text, the exhibition explored a series of concerns embedded in the notion of an imprint: the character of a partial or secondary trace, the effects of repetition, contiguity and succession. For more information on exhibition click here.

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