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Leggett, M. G. "Memory, schema and interactive video." Interacting: Art, Research and the Creative Practitioner. Ed.L. Candy & E. Edmonds. Oxford, United Kingdom: Libri Publishing, 2011, 282-294.


In the computer-based digital domain, interaction with video is becoming aneveryday occurrence. Breaking away from our traditional regard for moving imagesorganised along the linear principles of the filmic tradition we can now use motionpictures relationally, linking across and along shots and sequences. In so doing, thecreative experience is shared as physical cinema.My experience as an artist working with film, video and performance was based onlevels of audience engagement ranging from the reflexive to the physically active. Theexperience of a durational artwork relies on both short and long-term memory andthe anticipation of its process of change. Aesthetic issues of this kind helped form theconceptual foundations discussed in this paper.