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This conference paper was originally published as Schiemer, G and Havryliv, M, Pocket Gamelan: interactive mobile music performance, in Cheok, AD, Chong, PH, Sheah, W & Ping, S (eds), Proceedings of Mobility Conference 2007: The 4th International Conference on Mobile Technology, Applications and Systems: IS-CHI 2007, Research Publishing, Singapore, 2007, 716-719.


In this paper, we discuss how mmobile phones have been used as devices for actively making music, how mobility can enhance the quality of sound, and how communication between moving sound sources can be integrated into the framework of a new genre of interactive performance involving groups of musicians. We identify some of the design limitations that stand in the way of developing new musical applications for mobile phones discussed against a background of performance works developed so far using this technology and point the way to future developments.