Aboriginal cosmopolitans: A prehistory of Western Desert Painting



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McLean, I. A. "Aboriginal cosmopolitans: A prehistory of Western Desert Painting." Globalisation and Contemporary Art. Ed.H. Jonathan. Oxford: Blackwell, 2011, 147-160.


In a series of newly commissioned essays by both established and emerging scholars, Globalization and Contemporary Art probes the effects of internationalist culture and politics on art across a variety of media. Globalization and Contemporary Art is the first anthology to consider the role and impact of art and artist in an increasingly borderless world.

  • First major anthology of essays concerned with the impact of globalization on contemporary art
  • Extensive bibliography and a full index designed to enable the reader to broaden knowledge of art and its relationship to globalization
  • Unique analysis of the contemporary art market and its operation in a globalized economy

Ian Mclean explores how Aboriginal Western Desert Paintings became the international brand of Australia, selling it as a different, dynamic and innovative country.

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