Storying: dream and deployment



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Bobis, M. C. "Storying: dream and deployment." Social Identities. Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture 15 .1 (2009): 85-94.


The essay gives an account of how a militarised community deploys against actual military deployment and how the author attempts a similar tactical response in writing a novel on the subject. The master narrative of militarism subsumes/shatters the small stories of daily life in the village, but these stories are re-instated/re-deployed through subversive modes of narrativising. Using lived and told stories from the total war (1987-1989) waged by the Philippine government against communist insurgency, which affected her home region, the author argues that the original military term deploy is, in fact, overturned by the civilian population as they dream up alternative stories.

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