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Dawson, P. M. (2008). Choice and context in studying change, creativity and innovation at work: call off the search for excellence, question combinational perspectives, and loosen the straightjacket of polarised views. 8th Annual Pacific Employment Relations Association Conference (pp. 1-12). Ballarat: Pacific Employment Relations Association.


This article draws attention to debates on studying change, creativity and innovation at work. Attention is given to 'stable' and 'process' views of organizations and how these positions influence research objectives, methodological approach and findings. The paper is critical of those who seek to hold to a superior position - a one best approach for all; as well as those who seek the best from all worlds - a combinational approach that services both quantitative and qualitative research. In drawing on over 25 years of field research on change management, the paper also seeks to explore the broken links between good scholastic theory and more practical accounts of how to best manage change. These and other controversial concerns are raised and discussed but ultimately not resolved, as in many ways, the papers poses as many questions as answers to these ongoing concerns among research academics and business practitioners.

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Pacific Employment Relations Association Conference