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Sy, A., Tinker, A. & Mickhail, G. (2015). U.S. corporate management system and managerial accounting: a brief history of the aircraft industry company. American Acoounting Association Annual Meeting: Building bridges to our future (pp. 1-15). United States: American Accounting Association.

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American Acoounting Association Annual Meeting


The article investigates the financial statements of the aircraft industry in the USA. Boeing Corporation has a long history of managerial accounting system which makes it unique in the industry. The paper seeks to show the main challenges the company have been facing. We also investigate the regulation aspects of the firm. More research showed that an error with the 787 aircraft battery that is manufactured in Japan jeopardized the finances of Boeing. After financial struggles Boeing was able to turn their revenues around which is seen in their current financial statements from the past years. As a result of the study and examination of the company's financial statements, it was discovered that Boeing was able to turn their finances around and continue to grow as a global power within the aircraft production industry. In current news Boeing has signed a new contract with Japan in relation to the 787 batteries in the hopes that the new battery will bring both Boeing and the Japanese manufacturing great success, as well as high revenues in the future.

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