On the quantification of operational supply chain resilience



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Munoz, A. & Dunbar, M. (2015). On the quantification of operational supply chain resilience. International Journal of Production Research, 53 (1), 6736-6751.


Operational disruptions impact a supply chain's ability to match supply and demand. To remain competitive, supply chains need to be resilient and thus capable of rapidly and effectively recovering from operational disruptions. Supply chain resilience is inherently multidimensional, as it spans across multiple tiers, and thus is difficult to quantify. Extant research has measured the transient response through a single-dimension or single-organisation as a proxy for operational resilience. Whilst this greatly simplifies the analysis, it is also potentially misleading, as an erroneous selection of metric(s) may lead to an inaccurate evaluation of the transient response. This research extends the understanding of operational resilience via quantitative evaluation of multiple transient response measures across multiple tiers; the objective being to construct a multidimensional, multi-echelon operational supply chain resilience metric. The study utilises disruptions as experimental inputs for a serial supply chain simulation model; results are obtained for individual measurements of the transient response across multiple supply chain tiers. Analysis indicates that individual dimensions of resilience can adequately explain the transient response at the single-firm level, whilst aggregation of multiple resilience dimensions across multiple tiers has greater capacity to holistically capture the performance response to supply chain disruptions.

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