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Chad, P. (2013). Implementing market orientation in charities: A necessity for survival. Marketing Theory: an international review, 13 (3), 303-322.


This article examines the highly under-researched area of exactly how a market orientation can be successfully implemented within an organisation. Market orientation is the key strategic orientation that assists for-profit organisations achieve improved performance and can potentially also assist charities that play a vital role within society but are facing increasing competition. Utilising a discourse transformation framework to case study a charity that introduced market orientation as its dominant strategic orientation, thematic analysis identifies how management transformed the organisation via a three-phase process and greatly improved performance. The new dominant market orientation was aided by elements of other strategic orientations, particularly entrepreneurialism. Minimal articles have previously examined how management of a charity can successfully implement a market orientation. The article also introduces a discourse transformation perspective into the examination of market orientation and offers charity managers valuable insights to assist performance improvement.

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