Reconceptualizing Integration Quality Dynamics for Omnichannel Marketing



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Hossain, T., Akter, M., Kattiyapornpong, U. & Dwivedi, Y. (2020). Reconceptualizing Integration Quality Dynamics for Omnichannel Marketing. Industrial Marketing Management,


2019 Elsevier Inc. Omnichannel marketing, the notion of seamless integration between channels to provide consistent service experience for customers, has become one of the most crucial aspects of multichannel management for companies in recent years. Although many companies have embraced omnichannel strategies, there remains a gap of understanding factors influencing integration quality (INQ) within all these channels. Drawing on omni and multi channel services research, this paper develops and validates the dimensions and sub-dimensions of omnichannel integration quality. This research further examines how the perceived INQ impacts cross-buying behavior and customer value in an omnichannel environment. This research is based on 20 in-depth interviews, two focus group discussions (n = 18) and 301 survey data from multichannel banking customers in Australia. PLS path modeling was used to test hypothesized relations and validate the hierarchical INQ model and its effects on outcome constructs. The findings of this research confirm that INQ is a hierarchical construct consisting of four primary dimensions and ten sub-dimensions. Furthermore, this research provides evidence of cross-buying intentions as a behavioral outcome of INQ, which acts as a partial mediator between INQ and perceived value.

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