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Faff, R., Ali, S., Atif, M., Brenner, M., Chowdhury, H., Crudas, L., Joubet, A., Malik, I., Mi, L., Nagar, V., Pullen, T., Siegrist, M., Smythe, S., Stephenson, J., Zhang, B. & Zhang, K. (2017). Fantasy Pitching. Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems, 16 (2), 360-379.


This paper outlines a fantasy research pitch exercise conducted in a PhD course at the University of Queensland. Using Faff's (2015, 2017) pitching research template, students attending the course were asked to engage in a group exercise to pitch a "fantasy" research topic. While the final exercise was completed in a 90-minute timeframe (60 minutes of brainstorming, followed by 30 minutes of reporting back to the full group), the cohort had already been exposed to 5 x 90 minute sessions of related material over the weekend PhD module. Three groups of five were formed and they pitched three "fun" (or nonsense) topics: (a) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Impact on Society; (b) Wipe-a-Baby; (c) Quality of Dairy Products: The Happiness of the Cow Does Matter.

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