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This conference paper was originally published as Mandl, H & Jones, S, Equipped for Teaching: Sharing Strategies for Developing Librarians’ Skills, Adelaide 98, Pathways to Knowledge: Australian Library and Information Association 5th Biennial Conference and Exhibition, Adelaide, 25-28 October 1998. Original conference information available here


The objectives of this interactive workshop were:
• to provide a forum for discussion of current teaching practices among librarians in higher education institutions
• to compile a list of strategies and tips which could be applied to participants’ own situations.
The workshop included small as well as large group discussions and opportunities for participant feedback. It also incorporated a number of activities modelling the topics under consideration. The topics included:
• upskilling librarians with disparate teaching backgrounds and capabilities
• incorporating different learning styles
• using evaluation for ongoing improvement of skills
• development and ongoing use of a resource bank.