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This report was originally published as Philip, R, Lefoe, G, O'Reilly, M and Parrish, D, ascilite Report 1 for the Carrick Exchange Project: Literature Review, Wollongong, NSW, Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education, 2007. Original report available here


To inform the design and development of the Carrick Exchange, the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education required research into the prospective user needs, contexts of use and policies necessary to facilitate engagement of the higher education sector with the Carrick Exchange. The data collection and analysis for this research included an extensive literature review, the substance of which forms this report. This document provides an overview of the significant literature relevant to the research conducted by ascilite and should be read in conjunction with the final report. Additional literature can be found in Appendix A: Additional resources, and within the attached bibliography.