An Aboriginal way towards curriculum reconciliation



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Kennedy, J., Thomas, L., Percy, A., Dean, B., Delahunty, J., Harden-Thew, K. & de Laat, M. (2019). An Aboriginal way towards curriculum reconciliation. International Journal for Academic Development, 24 (2), 148-162.


This paper introduces the context and design of an institutional educational development grants program, Jindaola, which reflects an Aboriginal way towards reconciling Indigenous and non-Indigenous Knowledges in the Australian higher education curriculum. The program is unique in two ways: it foregrounds the voice of Aboriginal local Knowledge Holders in the design and implementation of the program; and, rather than focussing on embedding predefined 'packages' of Indigenous Knowledges and pedagogies into curricula, the approach adheres to Aboriginal methods for conducting business and maintaining knowledge integrity, by taking interdisciplinary teams of academics on a journey towards what we are calling 'curriculum reconciliation'.

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