Working in teams: Where is the client?



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Coyle, J. & Croker, A. (2014). Working in teams: Where is the client?. In J. Higgs, A. Croker, D. Tasker, J. Hummell & N. Patton (Eds.), Health Practice Relationships (pp. 65-74). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


Teamwork and client- or patient-centred care are seen as desired attributes of health service providers. However, the relationships between the teams providing health services and the people receiving those services are made complex by the ambiguous nature of clients' roles in teams. What are their roles in the team? Are they actually part of the team? How visible is the team to them? How can they be involved in teams? This chapter draws on current literature and the authors' research to explore the concept of client-centred care, the role of clients in the team and implications for health service teams.

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