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Byrne, K., McKenzie, C. & Frances, M. 2012, 'e-Research and libraries: a perfect partnership?', 6th eResearch Australasia Conference 2012, Australia, pp. 1-3.


Libraries have had long histories with many of the challenges facing e-research including interoperability, metadata creation, sustainability and ensuring that systems meet the needs of client communities.[1] By earmarking academic and research libraries as potential collaborators for e-research projects, both researchers and libraries can maximise limited budgets and draw from the complementary expertise of both sectors. This includes capitalising on existing librarianship knowledge bases such as classification, metadata schemas, ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri. Many of the demands of data management and respository services are similar to the demands of information management, the heartland of librarianship. However, potential benefits increase as other departments within an academic or research library are involved, allowing libraries to capitalise on existing relationships with researchers and exploit the library's interdisciplinary focus and knowledge of projects, policies and networks across the university.