Learning cultures and multiculturalism: authentic e-learning designs



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Teras, H., Leppisaari, I., Teras, M. & Herrington, J. (2014). Learning cultures and multiculturalism: authentic e-learning designs. In T. Issa, P. Isaias & P. Kommers (Eds.), Multicultural Awareness and Technology in Higher Education: Global Perspectives (pp. 197-217). Hershey, United States: IGI Global.

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ISBN: 9781466658769


In the rapidly globalizing 21st century knowledge society, multicultural understanding plays a major role. However, what do we mean by "culture" in the educational context, what aspects have or should have an impact on our learning environments, and might some of these assumptions direct the development of our learning environments in an unintended and possibly undesirable way? New learning models that differ from traditional learning approaches might cause a type of a "learning culture shock" for some learners. What are the best ways to avoid and overcome cultural clashes in online learning? This chapter discusses the experiences of two cases from multicultural and multidisciplinary online programs for teacher education and professional development. Both of the programs are based on the principles of authentic e-learning framework described by Herrington, Reeves, and Oliver (2010). The aim of the study was to find out how learners with different cultural backgrounds experience the authentic e-learning process, as well as to find out what impact the authentic e-learning model has on the development of the learning culture.

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