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This paper was originally published as: Daly, R, The University of Wollongong Library Professional Cadetship Experience: Developing the Skills for a Career in Librarianship, ALIA New Librarian Symposium (NLS2006), Sydney, December 1-2 2006. The ALIA NLS2006 program is available here.


The recently established University of Wollongong Library Professional Cadetship is an opportunity for those interested in a future in librarianship to undertake combined fulltime employment and Postgraduate study in a Library and Information Science Degree. The Cadetship model also aims to partly address the problem of succession planning for the University Library which has a vested interest in securing an ongoing generation of information professionals. In September 2005 I became the first cadet to begin the three year fixed term program, beginning with placement in Lending Services, and followed by Journal Access Services, each for a six month period. Management tools such as Monthly Reviews and Monthly Reflections, recorded in the Portfolio, are used by the cadet to document both personal and professional development issues as they relate to the current placement team. These tools are used in conjunction with monthly meetings with the team co-ordinator and the cadet’s supervisor at which concerns relating to the program can be discussed and addressed in order to improve the learning experience of the Cadetship. On reflection, the University of Wollongong Library management will refine the advertisement in order to attract and recruit the most suitable candidates. Also, changes were made to the original organisation of the first six month placement in Lending Services in order to make the most advantageous use of the time available. Identifying these issues has enabled action to be taken to improve the Cadetship model which has provided a learning experience for all involved.

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