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Napier, C. (2013). A BI Strategy to deliver actionable insights and improve decision making at University of Wollongong. TDWI Sydney Chapter meeting (pp. 1-18).

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TDWI Sydney Chapter Meeting


In 1999 the University of Wollongong embarked on a BI initiative through the establishment of a BI Centre of Excellence. With a vision to improve University performance through enhancing business decisions, UOW has delivered a comprehensive suite of strategic reporting and improved the transparency, availability and dissemination of information by breaking down operational silos. Today a revitalised view of BI takes effect that extends and builds upon this strong foundation that has uncovered hidden insights. The session will explore; The redefined BI strategy that supports the strategic plan The importance of visualisations to deliver actionable insights Leveraging our assets to deliver value to stakeholders Relationship analysis to enhance our sphere of influence.