Developing academic literacy in context: trends in Australia



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Purser, E. Rose. 2011, 'Developing academic literacy in context: trends in Australia', in M. Deane & P. O'Neill (eds), Writing in the Disciplines, Palgrave Macmillan, New York. pp. 30


As the diversity of the student population grows in the tertiary education sector, and communications become more multi-modal, the nature of 'literacy' in university curricula both changes and needs more explicit development. We cannot assume that students have, or can develop in the given time, an appropriate level of academic literacy without writing being given careful attention. Various models for the development of students' academic language, including their writing, are in play and under scrutiny, but the broad trend seems to be away from extra-curricular attempts to address students' literacy development, and towards seeing this as a responsibility best shared and addressed within the disciplines.

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