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Purser, E. Rose., Towndrow, A. & Aranguiz, A. (2013). Realising the potential of peer-to-peer learning: taming a MOOC with social media. e-Learning Papers, 33 (May 2013), 1-5.


ELearning and Digital Cultures, from the University of Edinburgh, was offered on the Coursera platform in January 2013. Over 40,000 enrolled, from every continent. The course was aimed mainly at educators wanting to “deepen their understanding of what it means to teach and learn in the digital age”. As participants, we experienced deep and significant learning, very much through social media. The peer-to-peer learning we engaged in and benefitted from was not traditionally organised ‘group work’ or micro-managed interaction, but something more fluid, open, student-initiated and led, that seems to have gone to the very core of what online learner agency, and digital culture, is all about.