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Lefoe, G. & Hoban, G. Sharing teaching strategies online: Encouraging conversations about graduate attributes. In Cantoni, L. & McLoughlin, C. (Eds.), Proceedings of Edmedia: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, Lugano, AACE, Norfolk, 21-26 June 2004, 2248-2253.


Graduate attributes are a key aspect of students’ outcomes during their university career. Although universities acknowledge their importance, there is little support for academics to develop teaching strategies to help students achieve these attributes. This paper presents a web-based resource that links teaching strategies with graduate attributes in a university context. Whilst a number of universities provide support for graduate attributes through policy development, faculty strategic plans and subject outcomes, the actual implementation in the classroom requires an understanding of teaching strategies to develop the student outcomes. The paper also explains the conceptual framework of the website to show how teaching strategies used in different faculties can be identified and shared to help academics incorporate the attributes in their teaching. This website has the potential to provide a structure for an online teaching and learning community across a university context.