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Walker, R. (2008). 'there was nothing to say and nobody said it': Silence, disconnection and interruptions of Gertrude Stein's writing voice during World War II. Cultural Studies Review, 14 (1), 147-160.


In this part of the world they have another thing, they say taisez-vous, or shut up, or shut it, and they say it as they are talking, they are talking along about something and they say, oh shut it, and it is not to themselves, nor to you, it is of the facts of which they are speaking, sometimes they say taisez-vous, taisez-vous, and the sentence goes on, it is rather delightful, I do not quite know why, they may say and the war is long and the Germans might be coming this way again oh shut up oh shut up and do you think it is possible that they will. Gertrude Stein, Wars I Have Seen, 1945