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This book chapter was originally published as Organ, MK and Warner, G, Australia - Japan Industrial Relations Bibliogrpahy, in Hagan, JS and Wells, A (eds), Industrial Relations in Australia and Japan, Allen & Unwin, 1994.


This bibliography contains references to works in English dealing primarily with Japanese industrial policy, industrial relations, the labour market, trade unionism, and associated topics including human resource management, comparative economics and investment relationships between Australia and Japan. References to internal, comparative and external studies of Japanese industrial policy and labour markets are also included. The bibliography is divided into two sections as follows: 1. Australia-Japan - Specifically deals with comparative studies of Japan and Australia, or studies carried out by Australian researchers on relevant Japanese topics; 2. General - Encompasses worldwide investigations of Japanese industrial relations and the labour market during the 1980s. Material included in this bibliography substantially post-dates 1983 and is meant to serve as an update of the Australian Department of Industrial Relations' Japanese Employment and Employee Relations - An Annotated Bibliography (Canberra, 1984). This publication is quite comprehensive for material published between the approximate period 1970-83. However it did not included unpublished theses and dissertations, and as such this omission has been partially addressed within this work.