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This paper was originally published as Pennell, R, Ruberu, D & Flentje, P, Realtime display of landslide monitoring data, AusWeb05 - The 11th Australasian World Wide Web Conference, 5 July 2005. In A. Treloar & A. Ellis (Eds.), Australian World Wide Web Conference (pp. 1-9). Australia: AusWeb 05 Online.


In areas of high landslide risk, dangerous situations can develop rapidly. The system described here provides near real-time landslide information via the web to researchers, emergency personnel and others assisting them to assess developing risks. Remote field stations collect data continuously and download this to a central site at varying intervals via mobile phone. Processing and display software written using the ASP.NET framework stores the data in directly-graphable form and displays graphs in response to web requests. Design challenges included the changing nature of the instruments in the field, resolved by the use of user-editable configuration files that allowed for instrument changes at short notice.

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