First Fleet: Another Byte of the Apple



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Wills, S. (2000). First Fleet: Another Byte of the Apple. In B. Harper, J. Gassin, D. Kolb, R. Oliver & N. Smythe (Eds.), AUC Academic Developers Conference - Conference Proceedings CD_ROM Wollongong NSW Australia: Apple Computer Australia.


The paper outlines the 20 year journey of the First Fleet Database as an exemplar of educational software, from mainframe to microcomputer and now to the web. The database of 778 convicts who arrived on the First Fleet to Australia in 1788 has been an electronic educational resource since 1980. It was developed for the Tasmanian Education Department’s statewide timeshare network by the author of this paper. The data was based on the works of Cobley (1970) and Robson (1973). And in doing so it will show a little piece of Apple’s history. It explores changes in the history of the medium, the nature of the data, the features of the software, the manner of handling accompanying teaching resources, the nature of the design task, the composition of the design team, and the challenges for evaluation.

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