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This book was originally published as Organ, MK and Doyle, AP (eds), Early Land Settlement in Illawarra 1804-1861 by Benjamin Lindsay, Illawarra Historical Publications, 1994.


The writer of this story was born in Illawarra over 76 years ago [c1857], and during his childhood and youth he shared in the experiences and struggles of the pioneer settlers in that rich and beautiful portion of the State. In this story he has attempted to give a detailed account of the manner in which the Crown Lands of Illawarra were disposed of, for the information of all who are interested in matters pertaining to Illawarra, and, more particularly, the large body of farmers now occupying those lands, many of whom are descendants of the pioneers who came from England, Ireland and Scotland, and settled on the Estates of the early grantees from the "thirties" to the "sixties" of last century. To these, and their descendants, this story is respectfully dedicated.