Asia Pacific Media Educator


“For the past ten years I had lost my way but Tinka Tinka Sukh showed me a new path of life....I used to be delinquent, aimless, and a bully. I harassed girls...one girl reported me to the police and I was sent to prison. I came home unreformed. One day I heard a program on radio....After listening to the drama, my life underwent a change....I started to listen regularly....Once I started listening to the radio program, all my other drawbacks and negative values were transformed.” (Birendra Singh Kushwaha, a tailor in the Indian village of Lutsaan). The purpose of the present paper is to summarize the main lessons learned from various entertainment-education projects conducted in Asian nations in recent years. We seek to draw understandings about the basic process of social change and development that result from the entertainment-education strategy.