Asia Pacific Media Educator


This paper will examine eight key issues in the area of training journalists. Several are essential for all student journalists,but others are more vital for those who, like me, suffer from permanently itchy feet and wish to practise their craft in foreign climes. In either case my belief is that, in today’s new e-world,journalism educators should still be teaching the basic journalism skills that are of practical use in the marketplace, they should not show an exaggerated interest in the PhD research that attracts so much coveted university funding, and they must try to put the interests and needs of their students first. I am fully aware of the academic debate raging between those who think that university journalism courses should be educating young people in a broad sense and others who believe these courses should provide youngsters with practical skills the profession can use. Both are valid, but I believe young people studying journalism have a perfect right to expect they will leave equipped with skills to find a job in an increasingly competitive environment.