Asia Pacific Media Educator


It will come as no surprise to anyone knowing my background that I have been opposed to the media studies I cultural studies onslaught for more than a decade in my own institution and in the wider media community. I was in the audience privately cheering when The Poverty of Media Theory, was given its first outing at the 1995 Journalism Education Association conference in Christchurch, New Zealand (Windschuttle 1995, 1998). The media theorists were given both barrels at that conference with my close friend and colleague Myles Breen (1995) taking on one of their gurus, John Hartley, for what many journalism academics with a professional background in the media consider at best ill-informed. Hartley's now oft-quoted line 'the difference between journalists and academics is simply this; academics must cite their sources; journalists never do' (1996: 26) gave many of us a good laugh.