Asia Pacific Media Educator


M. Yin-ting


Over the past few years, the government has amended a number of media-related laws, sometimes on its own volition, but more often under intense pressure from groups like ourselves. For example, wide-ranging changes were made to the laws governing television and radio, to take away the power of the government to vet and prohibit TV and radio programmes. Late last year, the government announced changes to the Crimes Ordinance, as it relates to the offences of treason and sedition. The government also announced two new offences subversion and secession - which are stipulated in Article 23 of the Basic Law, Hong Kong post-1997 constitution. The government, in many ways, is bringing forward these changes as an example for the post-1997 government to follow when it enacts its own laws prohibiting treason, sedition, subversion against the government in Beijing, secession and the theft of state secrets.