Asia Pacific Media Educator


Professor John A. Lent of Temple University, USA, is a well-known scholar to students, researchers and teachers of media and communication studies. He is one of the pioneers of communication education in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Malaysia, Philippines and China. He was the first coordinator of the mass communications programme at the Science University of Malaysia in early 1970s and has been involved in the teaching, writing and study of communications for more than 42 years. Among the honours he has received is as Fulbright Scholar in the Philippines and first Chair of the Rogers Distinguished Professorship at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Lent has authored more than 60 books and published more than 200 articles. Among his well-known publications are The Asian Newspapers’ Reluctant Revolution, Newspapers in Asia, Broadcasting in Asia, Asian Cinema and Animation in Asia and the Pacific. He serves as editor and editorial board member of more than a dozen periodicals and chairs the Asian Popular Culture Group of the Popular Culture Association. In addition to founding and editing the International Journal of Comic Art, he has been chair of the Asian Cinema Studies Society and edited the Asian Cinema since 1994.

In September 2004, Lent participated in three meetings coordinated by Mediaplus Consultants, in Singapore and Malaysia. He was the principal resource person for the inaugural Asian comic art meetings in Singapore (September 11) and in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (September 13 & 14). Sankaran Ramanathan, chief operating officer of Mediaplus Consultants (www.mediaplusconsultants.com) spoke with Lent in Petaling Jaya.