Asia Pacific Media Educator


In 1998, Ma. Rosario “Chay” Florentin-Hofilena exposed what journalists in the Philippines acknowledge is a perennial problem in the media industry but are hesitant to discuss in public-- corruption in media. Her extensive documentation and interviews with media practitioners resulted in a book in 2004 - “News for Sale: The Corruption of the Philippine Media” - published jointly by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (www.pcij.org) and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (www.cmfr.com.ph/). The book focuses on the rampant media corruption during the May 2004 presidential election in the Philippines.

Chay covered the 1986 “People Power” Philippine revolution for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, was a freelance writer for publications in Dallas and San Francisco, a senior reporter for The Manila Chronicle and ABC-5 television in the Philippines. She was deputy editor for The Manila Times and associate editor of Newsbreak Magazine, which she writes for regularly.

She is currently Director of the Master of Arts in Journalism Program at the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. Leo Magno (email: lmagno@inq7.net) IT editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and executive editor of INQ7.net spoke with her about her latest book.